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About QuickBalance Bookkeeping

QuickBalance Bookkeeping is a local Johnstown, CO bookkeeping firm with highly trained Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors® on staff. We can make it easy for your business to use QuickBooks™ to its full potential because we provide all the support services you need. Also, we offer fixed-rate bookkeeping services, so you business can budget accurately.

We start by recommending the appropriate version of QuickBooks that’s best suited to your business, and then we'll help you setup the software to track your financial data properly from the start. Next, we’ll teach you all you need to know to operate QuickBooks. From that point on, we’ll be available to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and correct errors anytime throughout the year.

We offer a free initial consultation to small business owners so call us at 970-690-8996 to get started.

Dan Indermuehle

Dan Indermuehle

Dan Indermuehle understands the challenges of maintaining accurate books in business. As a former math teacher, Dan eagerly took over keeping the books when his wife started a new business in 2010. Dan began using QuickBooks to maintain the company books. Finding himself challenged at times, he took classes and completed his certification in QuickBooks. He went on to become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. He is now bonded and insured and as a full-service bookkeeping company, he and his staff have helped maintained the books for many different industries including: gas/oil, hospitality, construction, services, retail stores, art and photography businesses, and finance. QuickBalance Bookkeeping also offers training to businesses wishing to maintain their own QuickBooks records.

Based in Johnstown, Colorado, QuickBalance Bookkeeping offers remote support services to QuickBooks Online users throughout the United States. Dan and his staff offer support to QuickBooks users; offering QuickBooks set-up, QuickBooks training, and ongoing bookkeeping for small to mid-sized businesses.